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Spend a nice holiday at Mediterranean coast! Çıralı Sera Pansiyon is located 80 km from Antalya. It’s like a hidden paradise which lies in a large garden underneath large trees providing ample shadow, just 200m away from to the beach. We offer 8 rooms, 2 apartment (2 rooms, 2 bathroom , 1 kitchen) 5 bungalows and 1 yoga lounge. Breakfast is included to your accomodation rate; We serve lunch and dinner separatly according to guest orders.

  • Sera Pansiyon

Ancient Places

Walk by Historical Lycian’s path, to discover new places or just enjoy beautiful beach. To visit the ancient city of Olympos and the fire-spitting Mount Chimera.

Famous Beach

You may witness the famous Caretta Caretta (marine turtles) emerge from the sea to lay their eggs in the sand of Cirali beach.

Magnificent Nature

By boat tour you can easily enjoy of Mediterranean sea or have romantic nights at the beach lying under the sky of shining stars.